Bouquet Preservation 

When we started our little farm two years ago on an idea to allow people to make memories with their families after the difficult year everyone experienced with the pandemic.  These memories would start by cutting their own bouquets and learning about all the different flowers growing on our farm.  After seeing how much customers enjoyed the experience, it spurred me to preserve the blooms I grew as well so that customers could enjoy them long after our spring and summertime gardens were finished blooming.  After hearing about my process of drying flowers, a customer brought me her daughter’s bridal bouquet so it could be preserved many years after their wedding. This began a new exciting chapter of my small business. 
I’ve always been a creative person and have pressed and dried flowers for many years. I have experimented with many different blooms to know which works best for pressing and other blooms that need to be preserved and dried in different ways.
I love to take natural elements like flowers and create art with them. For a bridal bouquet, that means creating a flat lay of their special pressed blooms, or designing something more custom-such as a wreath- resulting in an artistic everlasting heirloom. The gathering of a couple’s flowers marks the beginning of a lasting bond: a treasured marriage. I believe preserving that moment for them in the form of an art piece is important. When you invest your time, finances, and love into your wedding, why not preserve that exquisite bouquet to last a lifetime?

What is Bouquet Preservation?

You are making a great investment! You’ve spent a lot of time and money choosing your flowers, and we are excited to create a unique art piece for you to enjoy for generations. 
Before completing your reservation, please ensure that you have read the FAQ’s. Once your deposit is made, you will be sent a questionnaire and client contract that will need completion within a week. 
At this time we are only accepting in-person drop offs to our farm or Busch’s Florist in Jefferson City, MO.. 

How it works:


Reserve Your Spot

We can accept bouquets during any month of the year, but we can only take three per month, so we have time for completion. We are very small and want to make sure to use extreme care with your bouquet, and to give you an accurate date of completion. Please Reserve your spot HERE as space will fill up quickly


Keep your bouquet Hydrated!

A vase of clean, cold water is important during your reception and after your wedding. 


Your Delivery Plan

Drop off your bouquet at Busch’s Florist in Jeff City and they will keep it refrigerated for us. We will pick it up and begin the drying process! You may also bring it directly to us, just let us know if you are planning on that option.

Please provide us with extra blooms from your bouquet. Minimum of 5 stems of each flower please.


Deconstruction of Your Bouquet

Your flowers are delicately laid out into flower presses and undergo a drying process, taking about 8-10 weeks. 

Final Design

We will be in contact with you for framing options and talk about the design before the final layout. We offer 11×14, 16×20, 20×24, 24×36 sizes for flat frames.Shadow Box frames are 10×10, 16×20, 20×24 at this time. Smaller sized frames such as 8×8, 8×10, 11×14 are designed to incorporate a small amount of your bouquet. These are designed for a more minimal look.

The design process takes 3-5 weeks, giving the glue time to cure. When complete you’ll receive a photo of your art along with your remaining balance. We will be in touch via email through this process, and can’t wait to return your wedding bouquet you can hold on to for a lifetime!


If your bouquet includes larger focal flowers such as Orchids, Garden Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, Peonies or Dahlias, 16×20, 20×24 or 24×36 are your best options to allow room for the flowers to really stand out. In particular, Peonies, Dahlias, and Garden Roses look gorgeous

11×14’s are not large enough to incorporate all of the lush blooms included in a medium to extra large bouquet. This size is best as a set of 2 or for smaller daintier bouquets and arrangements.

Bouquets with a variety of smaller textural flowers make GREAT botanical art pieces. Bouquets with less variety and large focal flowers make great bouquet art pieces. 

Bouquets can also be dried and designed into a custom wreath. Wreaths are an upcoming trend for bridal preservation. The circular shape, like the wedding ring, symbolizes an everlasting bond. 

*If you have any special elements you want to incorporate in your art piece please include it when dropping off your bouquet. Examples might include: (invitation, love note, photo, handkerchief, etc.)

We are thrilled you have chosen us to make your everlasting piece of art! We can’t wait to meet you!


Flat Frames
8 x 8- $125
8 x 10- $175
11 x 14- $255
16 x 20 $355
20 x 24 $425
24 x 36 – $500


Wreaths                                                                                                24-26″- $155                                                                                      Custom sizes- $175-400 

(Prices do not reflect tax.)


8 x 10 – $155
10 x 10 – $175
11 x 14- $275
16 x 20-$375
20 x 24-$575

(Prices do not reflect tax.)

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