Our Story

Our family is originally from the midwest, but we started our duck journey in South Carolina five years ago. A more recent job change brought us back to mid-Missouri where we now live. All the ducks came along for the journey too.
Both sides of our family were farmers raising dairy and beef cows, chickens, pigs, horses, and even ostriches. We were always comfortable around animals and remember the fun we had visiting grandparents and helping whenever we could with farm tasks even into our college years. For years we talked about having that nostalgic farm life someday.

After 18 yrs of marriage and three kiddos, we are living that “farm life” on a much smaller scale. You can call it a “hobby farm.” Although ducks weren’t our first choice, we felt that it would be a great learning experience for our family. We love learning new things and being adventuresome. We’ve learned alot from reading countless books and scouring the internet for information on how to raise these little waterfowl naturally. Our family has worked together raising these ducks and have enjoyed it so much.

Ducks offer different entertainment than other animals. The ducks each have their own personality and funny antics that constantly keep us all smiling. They are gentle and great with our kids. They come when our daughter whistles because they know she will have a treat for them.
Our children (daughter-14 and son-11) are the main “farmers” right now learning animal husbandry. Our toddler helps when he can as well. The kids have raised these birds from tiny ducklings and have kept them healthy naturally, with a little help along the way. They’ve learned what nutritious food their animals can produce if properly taken care of. The kids take great pride in their ducks and treat them with special care, which in return keeps them healthy and producing a great quality egg. The best lesson they are learning right now is responsibility, which will help them into adulthood.
As parents, we couldn’t be more proud of our children’s ambition to make this small hobby farm business succeed to something big!