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What to Expect:

  • The tubers are packed in baggies with vermiculite. The bags are left partially open ON PURPOSE to allow the tubers to breathe and prevent moisture build up. We do not recommending storing tubers in closed plastic bags.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to store the tubers in a cool dry place until planting time (with the baggies unzipped halfway). DO NOT store them in an area that could freeze. Even 1 night in a freezing garage can ruin a tuber (I know this from experience).

  • We sell individual tubers, not clumps usually. Some Genovas will be clumps, but not often. We only sell our best tubers. We keep all the “weirdos” for our own farm. However, the weird tubers grow just as well!

  • Tuber sizes vary wildly, depending on the variety. We plant anything “pinky sized” or larger. Bigger tuber DOES NOT equal bigger plant.

  • Tubers are inspected 2-3x to ensure there is at least 1 eye. Please allow up to 5-6 weeks after planting for the tuber to grow. Some are slow and don’t sprout until July.

Refund Policy:

  • Please inspect your Dahlia tubers immediately when they arrive. All refund requests must occur within 7 days of receipt of the tuber. If you feel there is a problem with a tuber, please email me at flowersonphoenix@gmail.com and provide the following:
    • Your order confirmation number

    • Clear, focused photos of the tuber in question (multiple angles if needed)

    • A brief description of the issue

  • All tubers are inspected 2-3x to insure there is at least 1 viable “eye”. You might not be able to see the eye… Finding Dahlia eyes is a secret Superpower I have 😉 Some eyes take a couple weeks to “wake up” and begin sprouting.

  • Once the tubers leave our farm, we entrust them to your tender, loving care. We are no longer responsible for loss due to:

    • incorrect storage conditions upon receipt (store tubers in a cool dry location until planting time, out of direct sun, heat or freezing temperatures)

    • weather conditions

    • pest/critter damage

  • By purchasing Flowers on Phoenix Dahlia tubers, you are agreeing to this Refund Policy.



  • We offer one flat rate shipping price of $10.
  • Orders will be shipped in April or May, when the overnight low temperatures are above freezing. Dahlia tubers cannot be exposed to freezing temperatures.

  • Orders are shipped via USPS. Please make sure your address is entered correctly, using the USPS guidelines. Mistakes can mean delays and or loss of your order.

  • We can only ship in the USA (sorry, Canadian friends!)

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