How it Works

Plan Your Visit

Flowers on Phoenix is open for u-pick by appointment only.  It is free to sign up, just call, text or email and we will put you on the schedule.

1. First step

We provide you with a take-home tumbler cup (26 oz) for putting your flowers in. We have plenty of water so your flowers will stay hydrated on your way home.


2. Second step

We provide the proper cutting tools to use while you are here.

We will help you if needed. Proper cutting will encourage more blooms for you on your next visit. For our little pickers, have them hold the flower while an adult cuts the proper stem length to be the most fun experience for everyone. We’re here to help too, so let us know if you have questions.

3. Third step

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. It can take longer than you think. Take Pictures! Enjoy your time.

Our flower area is always changing. New things are blooming each week so keep in touch!


Bucket of Flowers (2 gal size) $110 (makes 4-5 bouquets depending on the size of blooms) *Available in August

Add On: Additional specialty cut blooms $2 each (Pro-Cut Sunflowers and Dahlias) (Limit 3)

When filling your tumbler, make sure to not over-stuff your stems, because it will decrease their vase life, and could result in broken stems.

We accept cash and credit card.

*Large 26 oz. tumbler cup of flowers – $25 (+ tax) (tabletop bouquet size) This includes 1 specialty cut bloom such as Sunflower, Lily, or Dahlia (when in bloom)